The goal of MNITemplate is to provide the MNI Template of T1-weighted MRI imaging from In addition to the standard template, the image has been segmented into gray matter, white matter, and cerebrospinal fluid (’CSF’) using the ‘FAST’ algorithm from ‘FSL’

Creator: Jean-Philippe Fortin,

Authors: Jean-Philippe Fortin, John Muschelli, Russell T. Shinohara

Software status
Resource: Travis CI
Platform: Linux
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1. Introduction

The MNI152 template that is included with FSL:

2. Reading the data into R

3. Files

File Description Reader
MNI152_TI_1mm.nii.gz T1-w MNI Template, 1mm readMNI("T1")
MNI152_TI_1mm_Brain.nii.gz T1-w MNI Template, 1mm, skull stripped readMNI("Brain")
MNI152_TI_1mm_Brain_Mask.nii.gz T1-w MNI Template, 1mm, brain mask readMNI("Brain_Mask")
MNI152_TI_2mm.nii.gz T1-w MNI Template, 2mm readMNI("T1", res="2mm")
MNI152_TI_2mm_Brain.nii.gz T1-w MNI Template, 2mm, skull stripped readMNI("Brain", res="2mm")
MNI152_TI_2mm_Brain_Mask.nii.gz T1-w MNI Template, 2mm, brain mask readMNI("Brain_Mask", res="2mm")
Tissue Segmentation:
MNI152_TI_1mm_Brain_FAST_seg.nii.gz FSL FAST tissue classes (1=CSF, 2=GM, 3=WM) for 1mm res readMNISeg()
MNI152_TI_2mm_Brain_FAST_seg.nii.gz FSL FAST tissue classes (1=CSF, 2=GM, 3=WM) for 2mm res readMNISeg(res="2mm")