Rvision is a - small but growing - computer vision library for R. It is based on the powerful OpenCV library for C/C++, the state-of-the-art for computer vision in the open source world.

The ultimate goal of Rvision is to provide R users with all the necessary functions to read and manipulate images, videos and camera streams, with an emphasis on speed (thanks to OpenCV). In this respect, it is different from all the other image manipulations packages for R that either can not quickly and directly access frames from videos or camera streams or are limited in their processing speed and/or volume.

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Can I take selfies with my webcam using Rvision?

You certainly can, but ask yourself first whether you should…

my_stream <- stream(0)   # 0 will start your default webcam in general. 
my_selfie <- readNext(my_stream)

Be careful, this will trigger the explosion of your camera if it detects that you are making a duck face ;-)