This page describes the installation process of Rvision.

Installing Rvision should go smoothly on all major operating systems (Mac, Windows, “Ubuntu-like” Linux). There are a few steps to follow before installing the package itself in order to install all the necessary dependencies.

All installation steps are described below.

1.1 - Before installing

1.1.1 - Devtools

Before installing Rvision, you will need to install the latest version of the devtools package. You can install devtools from CRAN as follows:

if (!require(devtools))

1.1.2 - ROpenCVLite

You will also need to install the ROpenCVLite package from its Github repository. Installation instructions for ROpenCVLite can be found at

This step may take some time as it will download, compile and install OpenCV for you. I suggest you go out for a cup of tea or coffee while ROpenCVLite is being installed (compilation time will depend on your computer).

Note that you can skip this step and Rvision will attempt to install it in the next step. However it might fail if your system is missing one of the external dependencies required to compile

1.2 - Installing Rvision

You can install the latest tested versio of Rvision as follows:

devtools::install_github("swarm-lab/Rvision", ref = "v0.3.5")

The latest development version (not necessarily testes) can be installed as follows:


1.3 - Loading Rvision