connectedComponents computes the connected components (i.e. areas of contiguous non-zero pixels) of a binary image.

connectedComponents(image, connectivity = 8, return_table = TRUE)



An an 8-bit (8U) single-channel Image object.


The connetivity neighborhood to decide whether 2 pixels are contiguous. This parameter can take two values:

  • 4: the neighborhood of a pixel are the four pixels located above (north), below (south), to the left (west) and right (east) of the pixel.

  • 8 (the default): the neighborhood of a pixel includes the four 4-neighbors and the four pixels along the diagonal directions (northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest).


A logical indicating whether a dataframe of the x-y coordinates of the connected components should be returned (default: TRUE).


A list with 2 (or 3) items:

  • n: the number of connected components in the image.

  • labels: a 16-bit (16U) single-channel image in which each pixel of each connected component is represented by the identity number of the component, and the background pixels by zero.

  • table (if `return_table = TRUE`): a dataframe with 3 columns representing the identity of the connected components (id), and the x-y coordinates of the pixels they are composed of.

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