Function for creating Stream objects from video streams.

stream(index = 0, api = "ANY")



An integer value corresponding to the index of the camera to read a stream from (default: 0; 0 is usually the default webcam on most computers).


A character string corresponding to the API to use for reading the stream from the camera (see Note; default: "ANY").


A Stream object.


Hereafter is a list of all supported APIs. Note that not all APIs will be available on your computer (actually most of them will not be).

  • "ANY": automatically select an API.

  • "VFW": Video For Windows.

  • "V4L", "V4L2": Video For Linux.

  • "FIREWIRE", "FIREWARE", "IEEE1394", "DC1394", "CMU1394": IEEE 1394 drivers.

  • "QT": Quicktime.

  • "UNICAP": Unicap drivers.

  • "DSHOW": DirectShow.

  • "PVAPI": PvAPI, Prosilica GigE SDK.

  • "OPENNI": OpenNI (for Kinect).

  • "OPENNI_ASUS": OpenNI (for Asus Xtion).

  • "XIAPI": XIMEA Camera API.

  • "AVFOUNDATION": AVFoundation framework for iOS and OSX > Lion.

  • "GIGANETIX": Smartek Giganetix GigEVisionSDK.

  • "MSMF": Microsoft Media Foundation.

  • "WINRT": Microsoft Windows Runtime using Media Foundation.

  • "INTELPERC": Intel Perceptual Computing SDK.

  • "OPENNI2": OpenNI2 (for Kinect).

  • "OPENNI2_ASUS": OpenNI2 (for Asus Xtion and Occipital Structure sensors).

  • "GPHOTO2": gPhoto2 connection.

  • "GSTREAMER": GStreamer.

  • "FFMPEG": FFMPEG library.

  • "IMAGES": OpenCV Image Sequence.

  • "ARAVIS": Aravis SDK.

  • "OPENCV_MJPEG": Built-in OpenCV MotionJPEG codec.

  • "INTEL_MFX": Intel MediaSDK.


Simon Garnier,