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Rigorous - 'NIfTI' + 'ANALYZE' + 'AFNI' : Input / Output

Functions for the input/output and visualization of medical imaging data that follow either the 'ANALYZE', 'NIfTI' or 'AFNI' formats. This package is part of the Rigorous Analytics bundle.

Maintainer: Brandon Whitcher < bwhitcher at >


From within R, enter citation('oro.nifti')


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To install this package, start R and enter:


# Default Install

# from GitHub
neuro_install('oro.nifti', release = "stable", release_repo = "github")
neuro_install('oro.nifti', release = "current", release_repo = "github")

More detailed installation instructions can be found here.


Initially submitted on September 29 2018 10:09PM
Last updated on March 31 2021 10:00AM
Package type standard
Source GitHub GitHub
Neuroconductor GitHub GitHub
DependsR (2.14.0)
Importsstats, bitops, splines, graphics, grDevices, methods, utils, abind, RNifti (0.9.0), rticles
SuggestsXML, testthat, covr, knitr, rmarkdown
EnhancesdcemriS4, fmri, oro.dicom
Reverse Dependssublime, neurobase (0.11.0), EveTemplate, dcemriS4 (0.5.0), brainR, fslr (0.5.0)
Reverse Importspapayar, itksnapr, ggneuro, afnir, brainKCCA, radtools, rtapas (0.9.1), oasis, dcmsort, MNITemplate, oro.dicom (0.4.0), WhiteStripe (0.5.0), cifti, voxel, (0.4.0), spm12r, RAVEL, RIA (0.9.1), qMRI (0.9), ciftiTools, dti (0.3.9)
Reverse Suggestsmsmri, fmri, freesurfer (0.7), oro.asl, freesurferformats (0.9), fMRIscrub